Cakecrumbs Gloucester – Websites made easy: the pay monthly website plan.

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Cakecrumbs Gloucester – Websites made easy: the pay monthly website plan.

Blog, Web

Creating a website can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, especially if it’s your first website. However with UK online sales rising by 16% in 2017, having a website is essential for small businesses in almost every industry.

Fortunately at Cakecrumbs we offer pay monthly websites and setting one up is really straightforward. However don’t take our word for it. Here is the experience of one of our current clients:

step 1: explain my business

I had chat over the phone with one of the team about my business and what I wanted from my website. I put all this in writing and a little more into writing via the simple Cakecrumbs online questionnaire. All I had to include was information on the design’s I like, along with some business information and my marketing goals. I attached my logos too so the team could use these.

step 2:  sign-up

When I caught up we the guys at Cakecrumbs we decided which pay monthly website plan would be best for me. I set up the direct debit for my plan and the team started work on my website.

step 4: choose design

I chose the design of website I liked best and then they added in all my company branding. It was great seeing it all come together so quickly

step 5: adding details

Once the basic website design is all set up the Cakecrumbs team and I worked together to add in all the wording and pictures I wanted on my website. The website looked professional immediately and collaboratively we made small changes until it looked perfect.

step 6: launch!

Once I was happy with everything the Cakecrumbs team published my website live! The whole process was so quick and easy, I felt relaxed and comfortable that the website would be just how I wanted it.

The website address was included with the plan as well as an email address and even the hosting of the website. I also have a maintenance plan included so that I know I’ll get support with any website issues without having to pay extra. I know I can get extra email addresses too if I want to which is good to know in case I decide to take on a new member of staff.

You can find out more about the Cakecrumbs website plans here: