Website design for tech and SaaS companies: The 5 fundamental principles of success

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Website design for tech and SaaS companies: The 5 fundamental principles of success

Blog, Design, Web

Website design is tricky to get right in a number of sectors, but perhaps none more so than in the world of tech and SaaS.

In our experience, the challenge companies face is either standing out from literally dozens of direct competitors in the same space or trying to explain a brand new software service concept to customers in a way that makes them feel as though they can’t function without it.

What’s more, the world of software changes minute-to-minute, leaving businesses with the possibility of spending vast amounts of money on an online presence that could be obsolete within six months.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some golden rules to help give your website long-lasting appeal and make sure you get seen by the people who really matter – your customers.

#1: Intuitive navigation.

The primary function of your website is to explain what your product or service does, and people will never understand if they can’t instinctively navigate through each step of their discovery journey. You want your potential customers to graduate from an initial blank slate upon arrival to a comprehensive understanding in as few clicks as possible.

In practice, what that means is streamlined top-level navigation menus to signpost the most basic and essential elements. In contrast, more detailed content is then layered in at a more suitable level of the customer journey when a certain level of engagement has been demonstrated.

#2: Build with flexibility and future-proofing in mind.

SaaS companies often move at lightning speed, pivoting here and there, revamping pricing plans as they scale, and adding new features as soon as they lock onto a successful approach. Thus, it’s imperative that your website is built with the same flexibility in mind.

You need a website that can be updated frequently and easily, without the need to engage a digital agency or web developer every time you want to merely add the details of a new feature or new team member to the “Meet the Team” section.

Content Management Systems such as WordPress are incredibly intuitive and an excellent solution for most tech startups. However, you may find a custom CMS works better for you or may even be required dependent on the website requirements. Whatever you decide, the point is that it needs to be versatile and readily updated at a moment’s notice.

#3: Bold colour and branding choices to make your site stand out.

In the fiercely competitive tech world, you need to stand out to have any chance of success. Concerning your website, your customers need to immediately recognise your site by its colour and branding choices.

From unusual (but perfectly legible) fonts to strong colour choices, you need your site to be as visually distinct from competitors as possible. Clients are often scared to stray outside of the usual comfort zones provided by shades of corporate blues, blacks, and whites. However, those that do often reap the rewards.

#4: Simple and concise content.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the most advanced or intricate software program in the world, you need to keep your content as simple and streamlined as possible to aid understanding. As someone within your organisation, you often can’t see that the text you’ve created is overly complex or technical, so it’s worth getting outside help to trim it down and draw out the key facets of your specific solution.

It’s not just about the length, conciseness, or quality of your content either. How it’s displayed can make a big difference to customer understanding and other vital metrics such as dwell time (the time a user spends on a page). So make sure to break it up with relevant images and other elements such as explainer videos, which provides a nice segue into our final point.

#5: Harness the power of video.

The last thing your website visitors want to be bombarded with is a wall of text – even if it perfectly explains how your product or service changes their life for the better.

Explainer videos can do most (if not all) of the heavy lifting for you in a much more engaging manner than copy ever can. The statistics regarding explainer videos speak for themselves, with 97% of marketers saying that explainer videos have helped their users better understand their product or service and 95% of customers stating they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

Recap for tech and SaaS company website design done right!

The competitive world of tech and SaaS makes it challenging for companies to stand out with their websites. However, it’s certainly not impossible.

By using the fundamental web design principles laid out here, you can ensure your site is built right from the ground up and give your company every chance of creating a winning online presence rather than falling by the wayside.

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