An un-biased guide on how to choose a pay monthly website.

Blog, Business, Web

An un-biased guide on how to choose a pay monthly website.

Blog, Business, Web

5 steps to choosing a pay monthly website which works for you.

So, you’ve decided that a pay monthly website is the best solution for you or your business. But, with so much choice how can you possibly be expected to choose between all the different companies offering pay monthly website solutions? Excellent question! Well…

Here is our quick un-biased guide on how to select a provider followed by a completely biased promotion of our own wonderful pay monthly website plans (hey… at least we told you!)

Un-biased guide:

step 1:
which features do you need your website to have?

Different pay monthly websites include different features so step 1 is to work out what you want or need from your website. Here are some ideas to think about:

  • eCommerce: do you need your customers to be able to purchase products or services?
  • Blog: would you like to use blogs to keep your customers up to date and gain new customers?
  • Booking system: will your customers be making reservations or bookings?
  • Event calendar: is your business based on your customers attending events?
  • Social media: do you have social media accounts which you would like to integrate?
  • Google maps: do you need google maps integration to help customers find your office?
  • Live chat: would you like to support your customer in real-time through live chat?
  • Email addresses: would you like bespoke email addresses linked to your website? How many?

step 2:
how flexible and easy to change do you need your website to be?

How often would you like to update your website? And would you like to be able to update your website yourself or would you like someone else to do this for you?

  • Content management systems (CMS): different pay monthly websites come with different systems and different levels of access for you to be able to update content, think about what’s right for you.

step 3:
check the technical support and basics

Here are a few things which your pay monthly website should definitely have. If a provider isn’t offering these as standard RUN AWAY!

  • Mobile friendly: trust me, you want this
  • Updates and backups: these stop your website from being hacked and enable you to recover your website. Both very important
  • Hosting: every website needs to be hosted, check whether this is included in the price
  • SSL security: this ensures that your data and the data of your customers remains secure online
  • Domain name: this is the web address, every website has one but you should check how much choice you’ll have and whether the domain name you would want is part of the design
  • Accessibility: choosing a website which supports accessibility is not only the right thing to do but also helps you appear higher in search results

step 4:
consider the design

Would you like a completely bespoke website design, or to pick from a range of templates? Would you like to be able to change your design in the future without switching providers or starting again?

step 5:
think about analytics, SEO and reporting

One of the wonderful things about a website is that you can gain new customers by carefully placing relevant key words on your website (such as ‘Pay Monthly Websites Gloucester‘ see what we did there) ;o) which potential customers may be searching for online. With this in mind consider these elements when choosing a pay monthly website provider:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): will your provider support you to optimise your website for search?
  • Analytics: will you have access to website analytics so you can see who is visiting your website?
  • Reporting: will you be sent regular reports about your websites performance?

step 6:
contract length and conditions

The great thing about pay monthly websites is that often you are able to stop paying for your website with very little notice and switch to a different provider. This is great if your business is likely to change as it makes it easy to change your website. However you should check your contract length and conditions to ensure this is the case. You may also consider whether you would want to keep your website content if you wanted to stop your contract as this varies from provider to provider.

step 7:
shortlist then eliminate based on price and/or customer service

So with all these options in mind you will be able to create a shortlist of providers which deliver what you need then you can eliminate the more expensive ones or the ones with shocking reviews!

You are welcome! ☺

oh yes…. and here’s the totally biased solution… choose us! choose us!

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