Point or transfer your domain name

Repoint your domain name to our website hosting services (for domain names hosted with 3rd parties), or transfer to us.

Transferring your domain name to Cakecrumbs.

Transferring your domain name over to Cakecrumbs makes the ‘go-live’ process and managing/maintenance of the website much easier. To transfer your domain name over to us, contact your existing provider and ask them to;

  1. Unlock the domain name.
  2. Provide you with the ‘Authorisation Code‘ (if applicable).
  3. Change the IP TAG to STACK (if applicable).

Typically, when transferring a top-level domain name such as a .com, you will be provided with ‘authorisation code’ which we will require to start the transfer over to us.

For other domain names such as .co.uk, an authorisation code isn’t required, instead, the ‘IP TAG’ associated with the domain will need to be changed to STACK

If your domain name is a top-level domain such as a .com and is newly registered, please note that in some cases registrars have a 60-day rule before you can transfer it away from them.

Note: Although we will host the domain name, you will always be the legal owner and registration is kept with you.

Pointing your domain name to Cakecrumbs.

If you choose to keep your domain name with your current provider, you will need to point your domain name to our hosting services, this is done by modifying the DNS records for your domain name, you should be able to do this via you domain name control panel.

Come the time and when your website is ready for launch, we’ll provide you with the DNS records you will need to apply.

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