What to look for in a good local Gloucester website hosting provider

Blog, Business, Web

What to look for in a good local Gloucester website hosting provider

Blog, Business, Web

Nous Digital Website Hosting in GloucesterChoosing a local Gloucester hosting provider can be confusing. With so much jargon it’s sometimes difficult to know which credentials actually matter. The good news is however, with a Cakecrumbs website, we’ll choose our best hosting solution for you and it’s all included in the monthly cost!

Here at Cakecrumbs (a sister company to Nous Digital and Nous Hosting) we believe in making things simple.

When you are choosing your Gloucester hosting provider, focus on four key metrics:

Level of security: How secure is your server? Make sure the server you choose provides an SSL certificate (Free with all Cakecrumbs plans). Do regular updates and site backups so you have the most up to date protection for your website. If your website is managed, make sure the price you pay includes security back-ups and platform updates.

Customer service support you need: You need to decide how much support you need from your service provider. Do you want them to manage your website for you? Would you like a 24 hour telephone helpline? Or are you comfortable with just email support? Look out for servers which come with a managed service if you would like someone to take care of your server and website maintenance completely.

Speed your website needs: You need to estimate the number people you expect to be visiting you website. Hosting providers generally charge based on storage and bandwidth (number of bytes you serve over a given period) usage. It’s important to be honest with yourself about the likely bandwidth requirements of your website. Be wary of cheap unlimited bandwidth & storage offers. They are rarely what they seem.

Scalability of the hosting server: You should think about whether the number of people visiting your website is likely to increase drastically in the future. If it is likely to increase you should look for a server which you are able to increase your bandwidth seamlessly.

Here are the types of server available today:

Shared server: This is the cheapest option. One server runs hundreds of websites, the performance of your website depends on how busy the other websites are. Using a shared server may also limit the way you can upload files or what programmes you can run.

Virtual private server (VPS): Slightly more expensive than a shared server, a VPS is a virtual machine that hosts your website. Usually hosting providers run many VPS on one box but performance is almost always better than a normal shared server. If you choose this kind of server you should be familiar with basic server maintenance and management, with that said however, Nous Hosting provides managed VPS solutions.

Dedicated server: More expensive again, this is a dedicated box, located in your service provider’s data centre, which you rent. You need to have server management skills to choose this option.

Cloud server: A cloud server usually run on giant public clouds. The benefit of cloud servers is that you can scale the capabilities of your server seamlessly to grow as the traffic to your website grows. This is something Nous Hosting offers as standard with all it’s website hosting plans.

Some general website top tips to remember:

  • Choose a portable content management system so you can change hosting provider if you need to.
  • Use an open source content management system (such as WordPress) which is compatible with almost any server.
  • Make sure you own your domain name.

As we slowly evolve from Hooper Design Gloucester to Nous Digital and Nous Hosting we will be rolling out our new hosting packages in stages. We have created our very own control panel giving you complete access to all your hosting details and configurations, you will be able to see at a glance your domain name details, mailboxes and hosting packages all from one single place thats even fully responsive to mobile and tablet devices (something that isn’t a standard wit most hosting providers). We officially launch the Nous Hosting website in Spring 2018 but you can talk to us today about our website hosting services.